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Updated: Feb 17, 2023

"Soft, silken slips of cloud grow pink on their tips, soaking up the first rays of another golden day. The lake seems to stretch out to infinity and birdsong from the forest is carried up on the breeze."

Magoebaskloof accommodation at its best. Bramasole Guesthouse across the lake at sunrise.

When the first fingers of the sun paint the world pink, the mist rises up in a soft blanket above the water, revealing the azalea blaze in just the same hues. From the glass-fronted expanse of the Prague Premier Suite at Bramasole Luxury Guesthouse, the tranquil garden comes to life as the indigenous forest behind the lodge wakes up to another beautiful day in Magoebaskloof. Light streams in through the vaulted glass ceiling of the converted Greenhouse roof creating a soft glow over the stylish decor reflecting the owners' travels to the city of a hundred spires.

Melanie and Robin McIntosh have an enduring passion for travel, so when they bought the property in 1997, they converted an uncompromising breeding shed for Angora rabbits into a luxury boutique guesthouse with fifteen unique rooms, each one beautifully styled with artifacts from their journeys to Paris, Hanoi, Manhattan and Santorini with a decor and a colour palette to match. As an architect, Robin has brought all of his experience and passion to the stylish main lodge and the private, self-contained cottages, Loch Lomond and Kyoto tucked into the hillside with glorious views out onto the forest beyond.

‘You can come to Bramasole to rejuvenate your soul,’ says Manager Vuyelwa Mphambela, sliding open the doors from the new Frida Kahlo-themed Breakfast Room into the lush and lovely garden. The surroundings encourage you to fill up your senses with silence, beauty, taking the time to reconnect with your beloved and yourself. Eat delicious treats; do yoga in the forest; sleep in and take afternoon naps or read a great book and gaze out to the mesmerizing views.

Yoga in the forest at Bramasole Guesthouse in Magoebaskloof. They provide unique accommodation for responsible travellers..

It’s completely up to you if you want to take some soul time or get more active and go mountain biking, hiking, kayaking or birding but Bramasole is all about wellness of body and soul, from the healthy breakfast to their unique Test Tubes offering a variety of freshly-squeezed juices. Even if you don’t want to join one of the Retreats on offer at Bramasole, you can still do as much or as little as you want… picnic by the lakeside, try your hand at fly-fishing or soak up the silence with sundowners in hand as you find the tranquility within.

When you look at the world with curious eyes and find the beauty in the smallest things around you, the magic unfolds. Take some time to restore your spirit at Bramasole.

Contact Bramasole on 072 062 8514 or book online at


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