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  • Lisa Martus


Take your heart for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees.... of time and space and all that is timeless. Any of the beautiful hiking routes in Magoebaskloof take you through dramatic mountain vistas with views to infinity, natural rock pools and an indigenous forest with ancient trees. Enjoying the unspoilt beauty of these wild spaces on foot allows you to tune in and allow your senses to come alive. It is all about how the light filters through the forest in silver beams, creating spaces between the trees, between thoughts. You experience a feeling of something that tastes like pure joy bubbling up to the surface of your heart as the Chorister Robin dips towards the water, a droplet catching the light as it falls from his beak... and a whirr and a flash of burnt orange.

Choose for cloud-draped mountains, tucked-away valleys and carpets of wildflowers in the Wolkberg Wilderness Reserve or a multi-day hike Safcol’s Magoebaskloof Hiking Trail in the Woodbush Forest Reserve where the trees are a million shades of green and all you can hear is bird-song and the sound of the wind moving through the branches. There are also some amazing short hikes for all fitness levels like the Louis Changuion Trail through the Haenertsburg Grasslands or the Swartbos route near the Magoebaskloof Hotel. More of a destination than a hike, Debengeni Falls gives you the feeling of the forest but without the sweat and tears when you stroll around the edges of these beautiful waterfalls on marked trails. Many accommodation establishments are in a beautiful natural setting, often with short walks on the property. Whichever option you choose, the best way of feeling like a local is exploring the magic of Magoebaskloof on foot.

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