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  • Lisa Martus


Limpopo boasts an incredibly rich cultural heritage and spending some time at Ga-Malahlela village near Houtbosdorp and Magoebaskloof, is the perfect opportunity to be welcomed into the heart of a Bapedi household and experience the rhythm of daily life from the perspective of a different culture.

As with real life, what is happening in the village on the day you visit, determines what you do. Often a visit begins with a Traditional Healer to better understand this ancient art of divining and healing. A stop at the Play Centre brings out your silly side as you play skipping games and try to keep up with the little legs. You will love the opportunity for a taste sensation at the home of your host, Mary Ramoraswi in Ga-Malahlela village. Here you can try traditional food such as Pap, Morogo / wild spinach, mopane worms, ‘walkie-talkies', pumpkin seeds, peanuts, cow hooves, home-made bread and wash it down with a pot of traditional beer. After the rainy season, you may also be able to sample the ‘african thief ant’ harvested and fried up for a delicious, protein-rich snack. You can end your day at the local tavern where you can sample an african beer and learn a new dance.

Experience the warm hospitality of village life at Ga-Malahlela, have some fun and tantalize your tastebuds with the flavours of Limpopo. Connect with Paul Nkhumane on 084 354-9710 or 073 670-5857 to spend the morning at Ga-Malahlela Village near Magoebaskloof.

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