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Tune in to nature’s secrets this Autumn ... to the sound of the breeze through the forest and the soft fluttering of red, gold and orange leaves spiralling to the ground. Walk slowly and take your  time to look for mushrooms popping up from the loamy forest soil. Tune in and watch the magic unfold as the fungus fiesta begins. 

Toban MacMahon, the mushroom man has been actively identifying mushrooms with the use of reference guides and the occasional person who knew something about them since he was 10 years old.  He says ‘on any excursion my family always showed so much interest in the plants and animals we encountered, so naturally my eyes were opened to the complex natural world. It's a perspective more than anything, acknowledging that all forms of life on this planet work perfectly together.’  

Toban observes that ‘mushrooms are such a key player in the cycles of life, yet they tend to be overlooked so what I teach in my mushroom foraging workshops is a detailed breakdown into the complex and diverse world of fungi with a specific emphasis on the procedures of collecting wild, edible mushrooms.’  The mushroom foraging excursions he leads include a look into the secret lives of fungi as well as a process of identifying and categorising the different mushroom families.  ‘One literally has to learn and identify as best as possible every single mushroom that one comes across,’ he says.  ‘The only reason I’m so confident is because I have been doing it for so long.  I have put in the time to practise how to break down the order of identification from family and genus to species. There has been a disconnect between humans and nature and a fear of wild mushrooms has developed so the workshops are a way of breaking down the barrier and allowing people to better understand all the wonderful little things that we share this planet with.  I hope that at the end of my workshops people leave looking at a mushroom in a new light.’

The start of the walk is at the Otterholt sign which is 1.5km down the Cheerio road, on the right under a big oak tree. The walk itself is roughly 4 km long and involves a bit of walking off-the-beaten-track in pine plantations in search of mushrooms.  The whole excursion takes roughly two to three hours depending on the amount of mushrooms found and is suitable for all ages.  You get to keep the edible mushrooms you find and take them home for a delicious meal.  The cost is R200 per adult, R100 for under 18’s and is free for kids under 5.  Cash is preferable but EFT and a card machine are also options. 

Contact Toban on 079 195 9368 /


Intended for those wanting to establish a meditation practice, your guides, Nicci and Tamla, will guide you through practical steps by introducing you to six different types of meditation along the 3km nature trail through the beautiful Otterholt Farm. Experienced meditators will also enjoy the peaceful setting and morning of meditation.

The Meditation Meander is offered on weekends from 10h00 to 14h00 at R450 per person. A light lunch served in the beautiful setting of the Otterholt Nature Walk picnic nook, is included.  Contact Nicci at or WhatsApp 079 345 2881 to book the next available date.  Group and private bookings are available on request.

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