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At the heart of Haenertsburg Village, The Village Grocer is the collaborative result of two couples; Ruan and Gina Cloete and Duan and Carla Oosthuizen, who have been friends for years. They have many fond memories of fun-filled holidays at the nearby Ebenezer dam but the moment that their friendship became a business partnership started over dinner one evening. They were discussing the imminent closure of the Foodzone Supermarket and Carla Oosthuizen says that they ‘all decided then and there that the Village could not be left without a convenience store and that they should come to the rescue! Putting action to words, the opening of the Village Grocer coincided with the Food and Wine Festival on the 29th of April 2023 with the in-store ATM installed a short while thereafter.’

Carla says that ‘the primary goal right from the outset was to be of service to the community and not to line our pockets. The business is a side-line and is not any of the owners’ primary sources of income. For this reason, we are able to provide quality products at affordable prices.’ Their inspiration came from the unique character of Haenertsburg itself,’ a beautiful, quaint village where everybody knows your name and will never hesitate to extend a helping hand.’ Although tourists have a positive impact on their business, it is important to the owners that ‘the unique character of this little village remains intact and untarnished.’

The Village Grocer has a space showcasing the delicious home-made treats made in the area and they use local suppliers and merchants for their fresh produce. Their bakery has already developed a reputation for their bread and rolls, baked fresh every day and the raisin bread which is a sure-fire winner. They welcome suggestions about how to improve their offerings and service because they want happy holiday makers and local residents alike.

Carla says, ‘we want a store with soul and character that echoes that of the Village, but at the same time, is a convenient shopping stop providing all you could need.’

The Village Grocer is on the corner of Rissik and Rush Street in Haenertsburg. For enquiries or special orders, contact Shaun on 087 808 4251.


The Village Grocer and other Magoebaskloof shops stock local treats like Elspeth Humphreys’ caramelised macadamia brittle, salted or raw macs, Dukkah and Mac-nut Butter. High in the mountains of Magoebaskloof, just off the winding pass down to the Lowveld, Tupelo Honey Farm stretches from from the indigenous forest down through avocado and macadamia orchards to the fragrant herbs sold to shops and restaurants around the area.

The warm climate closer to the Lowveld is perfect for the herbs and Macadamias, so every week, Elspeth’s kitchen is filled with the irresistible smell of roasted nuts and melting sugar used on the caramelised macadamias. Queen Letsoalo, Welhemina Sehoana and Faith Jakonya make these tantalising treats and press them into bars using a custom-made press. These Macadamia Nut Brittle bars are perfect for a snack and the dukkah is a must for a versatile chef to put on salads, pasta or as a snack with fresh bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Look out for Tupelo Honey and Tzamac local products made with love.

Connect with Elspeth Humphreys of Tupelo Honey Farm on 082 335 6803

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