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The flavours of local, seasonal produce should delight and enchant your senses with vibrant colours and delicious scents. And Limpopo is one of the best places in the country to savour the divine flavour of a ripe avocado, buttery pecans or the tastebuds tingle of peri peri macadamia nuts.  The world becomes an enchanted place when food is shared and you can bring Limpopo right to your doorstep with Fresh from the Farm based on Boschoek Farm.  

Founder, Susannah Cole-Hamilton explains how it all began.  ‘We started sending avocados to our son in Cape Town as avocados were so expensive for him to buy.  This generated great interest from others interested in ordering avocados so we did some trials with boxes and couriers which led to Fresh from the Farm starting in early March 2020. For us, it’s all about local, well-crafted products and not wasting produce that is perfect to eat but may not look beautiful.  We also focus on being as environmentally-mindful as we can with the packaging.’

Our motto is, ‘It’s always better when it’s fresh from the farm.’  We ensure that the products we send around the country arrive fresh and delicious by only picking for orders to be packed the following week so produce is only stored for a short time.  Supporting local is central to our ethos and apart from our avocados, we are proud to offer products like cold-pressed macadamia and avocado oils, pecan nuts grown on Boschoek Farm as well as macadamia nougat, brittle, roasted, salted caramel macadamia nuts, peri peri macadamia nuts and dukkah all from local farms and made to order by artisans in the area.’

Hazel Roskelly’s one-woman artisanal business, Hazel’s Harvest produces a gorgeous range of small-batch, handmade soaps, beeswax balms and specialised skin creams made with love and individual attention to quality.  The insect repellent, muscle vapour, lip therapy balm and sausage tree sunscreen with their distinctive colourful and funky African Shweshwe branding, are small enough to slip into your pocket or handbag, while her range of sausage tree cream comes in glass jars and bottles. With her handmade, natural vegetable soaps, Hazel has perfected the pairings of Baobab oil combined with fragrances like pine & eucalyptus, mint & cocoa, tea tree & lemongrass or orange & cinnamon.  

‘In the future, we would like to keep growing our range of local, reasonably-priced farm products and locally-made items.  We will soon be stocking beautiful shweshwe cosmetic bags made by a local NGO, Basadi.  We have prioritised local pick-up points in Tzaneen and Haenertsburg as these are two key areas where we source many of our products from and we can deliver to these areas with ease.  We are hoping to expand to Polokwane and Hoedspruit as well.’  So come together with the people you love for a celebration of life through food. Order your Limpopo avos, pecan or macadamia nuts and other locally sourced goodies Fresh from the Farm.

Order online at or contact Fresh from the Farm on 076 456 9651 

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