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Elmarie Whelan is one of those beautiful people who is lit up from within and celebrates life with an open heart. It is no surprise then, that Film & Fiesta Photography is not just her business but also her passion and this shows in every beautiful, evocative picture she creates through her lens. She knows all the most breathtaking spots in the area as a backdrop for a family festivity, proposal, wedding or a baby-to-come but she is a great believer in simply capturing a minute in time.

As a young mom with her own business, Elmarie knows better than anyone about fast-paced lives and jam-packed schedules which is why she knows that taking time to slow down and catch your breath makes you notice the small stuff. She is a great believer in capturing the simple moments of joy, the super-silly times and the human connections which speak to the heart. For her, it is not always about the big events like finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with but also catching a fragment of time before the moment is past. Elmarie’s Film & Fiesta Photography shares in the celebrations and shines love and light into the world.

She says, ‘I believe life must be celebrated. Have a little dance, a little party, a little fiesta, every day.’

Connect with Elmarie Whelan on 060 503 4157 |


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