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PACK A SNACK: Delicious local goodies for your Magoebaskloof picnic!

Autumn is perfect picnic weather, so once you have chosen your favourite spot to spend the afternoon, start your quest for deliciousness at Stella’s Farm Deli - you can’t miss it - it’s next to the huge log cabin structure at the Haenertsburg crossroads on the R71.  You won’t know what to choose first, so start with some of the Stylkop ‘geelvet’ biltong and go from there.  It is well-spiced with pepper and coriander, and you can choose whether it should be thinly-sliced or chunky, fatty, wet or dry.  Also pack in a jar of divine duck liver paté made locally by Bittersweet, some cold meats, pestos and macadamia nuts. 

If you still have a chicken wing or two from last night’s braai, grab a jar of Magriet’s Jalapeno paste and spice up your life.  Or, if you fancy a sweet treat, go for their preserved figs, brandied cherries or apricot jam for that last corner of freshly-baked bread. Have some of their fun and funky iced cookies - the most popular are the coffee beans. Back in the parking area, stop in at the quaint Swiss-cabin Cheese stall open over the weekend for yummy organic cheeses, olives and jams from the Wegraakbosch Organic Farm and Dairy up the road.

Next stop on your mission for the perfect picnic hamper, head up the High Street in Haenertsburg, stopping in at T-mart and The Village Grocer for the crackers, crisps and chocolate as well as Safari Liquor for the local Zwakala Craft Beers and Rhino Beetle or Old Packhouse Gins in their wide selection.  They also have a secret back room with wonderful goodies including perfect picnic fare like Bittersweet’s Handmade Kalamata Olive Tapenade or Macadamia Nut Shortbread, Magriets baked goodies, biltong, droe wors and an array of chilli sauces. Pick up some freshly-baked bread from the Eatery and you are good to go.  Enjoy the lovely autumn day and the flavours of Magoebaskloof… sheer bliss.


If you are a pizza fiend and want to add it to your picnic menu, order a take-away from Stella’s Farm Deli on the R71 at the entrance to Haenertsburg village.  

‘We keep our pizza authentic by using only the best ingredients and a real wood-fired oven.  Our 32cm bases are made from the purest flour, semolina and extra virgin olive oil and our pizza sauce is blended from Italian tomato, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a pinch of seasoning.  On top of the sauce goes a good sprinkle of Parmesan and an abundance of Mozzarella before your selected toppings are added.  Enjoy your pizza with our complimentary condiments of chopped green chilli, garlic & sweet chilli sauce.  Low-carb and Gluten-free bases are available.’  Enjoy!

Call 071 736 6424 to order your pizza take-aways from Stella’s Farm Deli


At Wegraakbosch Farm

Wegraakbosch Organic Farm in Magoebaskloof, an off-grid, fourth-generation farmstead.  The dairy still uses 800 year-old processes of hand milking and making cheese in a copper cauldron warmed by a wood-burning fire. You can see the process of cheesemaking with Francisco Huo who has had more than 33 years’ experience of this specialised process and go on the dairy tour with Gloria Mashaba in the morning when the cows come in from their pastures.  While you are at Wegraakbosch, stock up on the jams, cheeses and olives you would need for a picnic in the area

Book a Dairy Tour and cheese tasting at 10.00 am. Call: 072 361 0664 or 072 370 1886.


‘We at Modhefo Hot Sauce don’t just make a hot sauce, but take pride in making sure that our Hot sauce is super tasty and compliments every meal of the day. We went further to experiment with new flavours in the range to cater for everyone. Modhefo Sauces are now available in Hot, Mild and Sweet Chilli with more to come. All our sauces are made from carefully-picked ingredients to make every occasion memorable. To make sure that you never miss out on this essential sauce for a tasty meal, orders are taken efficiently and attended to promptly, thus giving you the best service, and the undisputed winning hot sauce delivered to your doorstep.’ 

Contact Pontsho Prince Malatji on 082 683 3847 to get your hands on this local brand with its unique and delicious taste.  

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