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Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Creativity is fundamental to a community’s well-being - it keeps a space vibrant and alive. So what is it about Magoebaskloof that nurtures creatives and gives them freedom of expression? Maybe it’s all that fresh air and mountain water. There are prolific and award-winning authors like Professor Louis Changuion; Bridget Hilton-Barber, Reneilwe Malatji and many more. You’ll also find incredible musicians like Juanne Steenkamp, Alicia Boshoff and Derius Erasmus of Jah Works; Chris J Mocke; John-Lloyd Bramley who is a musician and artist; the talented Boiphemelo Marimba Band and Joseph Baloyi the Saxophonist who performed in Sarafina.

You can visit the Glass-Art Gallery of Elspeth Humphreys at Tupelo Honey Farm or whizz down the Magobaskloof Pass and up through the Tea Estates to the fabulous Barok Studio where Merle Payne and Virginia Ramohlola create unique cushion covers, dramatic skirts and a quirky handbag range. But there are so many other creative souls on The Mountain. Bronwyn Egan is both a Botantist and an inspiring Poet; Toban MacMahon is a blacksmith, wood carver and cob-house builder. Alicia Boshoff, who worked as movie set manager on films such as ….. now makes incredible tribal leather clothing creations for her Mystic Tribe range

How about fine artist Karin Obojkovits, Janet Blackburn’s unique handcrafted leather range, Jacques Malan of The Order Custom Tatoos, George Ushamba who makes beaded creations or Hazel Roskelly whose range of organic, fragrant soaps, creams and salves use the healing properties of nature. You’ll also find incredible photographers on the Mountain from wedding photographers …….

Of course you can also experience food as art at Pause Restaurant at the beautiful Graceland Eco Retreat, in Jessi’s cake creations at Magriet’s Fine Food or in the flavours of Hloki’s Curry made famous in the Curry book. Then there is creativity to be found in the spectacular gardens of Magoebaskloof like Cheerio Gardens famous for the rich legacy left by Box Thompson in the form of azalea and cherry blossoms. Or Sequoia Gardens, Kuhestan Organic Farm and Kings Walden Garden Manor, famed for its formal gardens laid out by Tana Hilton Barber. Of course there is also the raw beauty of the Wegraakbosch Farm’s veggie garden.

Katbok Radio started 20 years ago with a simple question, ‘where is the music?’ This started a lifelong quest to seek out South African bands whose songs speak to the heart of our unique spirit. Catherine (Kat) and Chris (Bok) Mocke are passionate about South African music and, during Covid, started broadcasting Katbok Radio live from their home every Thursday evening from 7.00pm. They have fast become a voice for the collective and the community is growing each week as listeners tune in from London, Australia and the United States. They ultimately want to have live bands in the studio, but in the meantime Katbok Radio are showcasing the creative talent of South African musicians for the world to hear.

Creativity is a fundamental pillar for innovation, making us more resilient, adaptable and inspired by this crazy journey called life so let’s support and celebrate all those who make our spirit soar.

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