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Welcome to the heart of Summer excitement and outdoor adventures. Picture yourself tubing down meandering rivers, exploring rugged kloofs, or taking invigorating waterfall swims as the sun glimmers on crystal-clear waters. Magoebaskloof Adventures offers the perfect blend of sun-soaked fun, adrenaline-pumping adventures and water escapades to energise your spirit and melt away the winter blues. It's time to let the warmth of the season and the thrill of getting active in beautiful surroundings combine to give you an unforgettable adventure.

Set in the spectacular Letaba River gorge, the Magoebaskloof Canopy Tour is one of the most popular activities in the area here you can go gliding above the treetops, over gushing waterfalls and plunging into rocky ravines on a series of ziplines to platforms perched 30 metres above the river. But the Canopy Tour is not the only adventure on offer according to Operations Manager, Luke Williamson. Bright yellow, one-person Gecko Tubes await to carry you through the crystal clear waters of the Letaba River on a two kilometre ride towards six exhilarating rapids. The first leg of your journey is a pleasant and peaceful meander down the river, giving you enough time to admire the dramatic scenery of towering cliffs and lush vegetation or get out for a splash and a swim. There are wild plums, plane trees and even some yellowwoods in the forest with blooms attracting sunbirds and Red-winged Starlings to the top of the canopy while the denser vegetation hides booming Samango monkeys.

As the gecko tube picks up speed in the water, your heart-rate matches the pace, so you will be more than ready for the options of a 4 metre or 8 metre cliff jump along the way as well as the opportunity to run a 4 metre waterfall in the tube or you can the more relaxed option to climb behind it and enjoy a refreshing natural shower. Anyone from 10 years old who is comfortable in the water can enjoy this 2.5 hour family adventure. If you want more excitement, you can choose to go abseiling 30 metres down the smooth rock face of a steep cliff to the Letaba River where you land on a raft on the water. A releasable abseil system offers a foolproof system using a double rope which both you and the guide have control of. This fun adventure also has the option of a scenic swim at the base of a 12 metre waterfall or to climb up the ladder and run the abseil again.

Kloofing in the spectacular gorge is an option only for experienced adrenaline junkies who can float and swim down the river, do some bum-sliding, rock-hopping, hiking and the 30 metre abseil. Then there is the 25 metre jump from a waterfall into the breathtaking pools below - not for the faint hearted! Highly-trained, expert guides make sure that you are in safe hands for every activity, here where ‘mountain meets river and the spirit of adventure is born.

You’ll find Magoebaskloof Adventures and Canopy Tour near Haenertsburg in the George’s Valley, 70kms from Polokwane and 30kms from Tzaneen. They offer everything from adventure sports to quad biking, hiking and mountain biking. Stop in at Platform 14 Coffee Shop for light meals and great coffee. There is also a fun kids play area for younger children. Contact them for more information: 083 866 1546 | |

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