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Updated: May 27, 2023

It is said that Magoebaskloof is something of a wild botanical garden. It is also called the ‘Land of Silver Mist’ with lush indigenous afro-montane forests hugging the mountainous terrain. Organiser Handré Hay says, ‘You really get pulled into a different world where all your senses come alive. You see beauty in every detail around you… you hear the call of rare forest birds like the Narina Trogon, you smell the wet ground and mud, you feel and touch the ancient trees that line the route and taste the magical waters that flow in the crystal clear streams. You become immersed in a magical world and become part of the living organism that is the Magoebas Forests.’

What makes the Magoebas Ultra races so special? It is the experience of incredible singletrack through these lush indigenous forests alongside pure mountain streams. Yes, it is technical and challenging but these trails will transport you to a different world. The Magoebas Ultra offers runners an incredible journey on race day, 19 March 2023, whether it is discovering a new trail or even discovering parts of themselves. A journey worth taking is not always easy but is extremely rewarding. The Magoebas Ultra is perfectly placed in the calendar for a variety of 2023 running goals - as a stand-alone event in its own right; as training for the longer Ultras like UTD and Mac-Mac as well as strength-training for Comrades. Whatever the reason might be tol bring you to Magoebas, one thing is for certain, The Magoebas Ultra will be an unforgettable, magical experience.

At the heart of The Magoebas Ultra Trail is the core value of Adventure. Handré Hay wants ‘to provide runners with a unique adventure through beautiful places that they have not explored yet.’ He says, ‘that is, after all, the beauty of a foot race, it takes you to places that you would otherwise not have seen. It gets you exploring and experiencing nature as you were meant to do in the first place.’ There are also plenty of adventure activities in the Magoebaskloof area for the supporters too from an adventure on the Magoebaskloof Canopy Tour, horse riding, hiking, birding, mountain biking or fishing to spa treatments, craft brews or slow food experiences.

The third weekend of March will be a busy one in Magoebaskloof as runners and their families from all over South Africa will arrive in the area to get a taste of the Magoebas magic. This is a weekend where every local business owner has the opportunity to display true Magoebaskloof hospitality to visitors that will make them come back year after year. We want to invite everyone in the community to be part of the Magoebas Ultra experience. Come and support the runners on the route on race day and join in the excitement.

Where can you follow the race on Sunday, 19 March?

• Woodbush Aid Station at Woodbush Hut (06:00 – 12:00)

• Dap Naude Picnic Site (08:00 – 13:00)

• Rakwadu Ridge near Schnellskop (09:00- 14:00)

• Debengeni Falls (12:00 – 17:30)

The continued success of an event like this, relies heavily on the collective community effort to make runners and visitors want to come back to experience Magoebaskloof. Let us pull together as a community to build a special event in the north of the country, in this vibrant province of Limpopo.

For more information, take a look at | Magoebas Ultra Trail on Facebook or contact the organiser, Handré Hay on 083 262 1153

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