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  • Beth Forrest Stroud


I chose to take a colourful, creative and fun approach to this, the first Limpopo Wellness Expo because often the topic of health and wellness can feel rather daunting and overwhelming, so I wanted to have a bit of a festival vibe. Our event aims to be inclusive and welcoming with the feeling that you are accepted exactly as you are. Our greatest wish is that you have fun while learning; that you find connection and resonance somewhere in the day and that you leave feeling inspired! The beautiful space, that is Mina's Farm Venue, makes this dream possible, as it is the perfect spot for a wellness festival with its scenic beauty, flowing river and beautiful energy. Embrace this opportunity to be part of this transformative experience!

For this year's event, we have included activities that focus on physical as well as mental health such as trail running, yoga, breathwork, body stress release, cold-plunging, forest bathing, Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) and a variety of movement styles. These are all led by very experienced and passionate individuals, so that you can relax and take part in what feels best for you. Practices like yoga, although physical, can also affect your emotional and spiritual health in a positive way, leaving you feeling lighter and more tuned in as no one knows your body better than you do. We live in a very busy, fast-paced society and we hope that this event will allow you to slow down and truly connect to yourself and your needs. There is no form of "health hierarchy" - no one person is better than the other. All that’s needed is for you to show up, be open and have fun. 

Creativity is a vital ingredient in this holistic approach to wellness, enriching our lives with its boundless potential and imaginative flair. Being healthy isn't only about the food on our plates, it's about the water we drink, the air we breathe, the love in our lives, whether we have a fulfilling career and regular spiritual practice. We all have unique ways in which we feel nourished and fulfilled but it's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and seriousness of being an adult that we often neglect our imaginative side that feeds the child within. Creativity ignites joy in our lives so whether you immerse yourself in our flower-crown station or get lost in a book at our reading corner, the Book Nook we hope you find pure JOY. 

We have also invited foodies with a passion for crafting wholesome dishes to attend the expo. I believe that nourishing foods play a crucial role in our well-being. It is quite clear that what and how we eat significantly affects many areas of our lives and having a healthy relationship with food is a vital part of well-being. Often easier said than done as there are many factors that influence our relationship with food, including cultural, genetic, social, familial, individual, economic and psychological components. Your relationship with food is completely unique to you.  At our event we aim to provide you with food that is homemade, organic where possible, locally sourced and cooked with love and creativity. There will be a variety of wholesome food options as we have encouraged food vendors to get creative and they have not disappointed us! 

I enjoy the slower pace of living in Haenertsburg which allows me to be fully present. I love being surrounded by nature - it grounds me and I value the sense of community which brings connection and a sense of belonging. The lifestyle here allows me to live a simple, wholesome and more intentional life.  I am also an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the world's largest online nutrition school, IIN. At IIN, we focus on getting to the root cause of illness as opposed to simply treating the symptoms.  I nourish myself and my family with whole foods which I source from local farmers as much as I can and always choose organic, grass-fed and free-range options where possible/ accessible/ affordable. I eat intuitively and seasonally as I want to connect with the food I prepare by understanding where it comes from… which farmer and which province. It's easy to neglect yourself when caring for your family, so I make a conscious effort to focus on nourishing myself with farm-to-table style eating and fermented foods. 

Our bigger goal is to create a network that connects and supports all health and wellness brands, influencers, farmers and suppliers around Limpopo. By forming a community, we hope to educate, empower, encourage, inspire and spark curiosity in people so that they take on a more proactive, conscious role in terms of navigating not only their personal wellness but also the health of the planet. We want people to leave feeling truly nourished from the inside out and to feel inspired to take grounded action. 

My hope is for this one-day event to evolve into a three-day wellness festival which will and I hope that as the event grows, so will our offerings. Our health is the most valuable asset we have and through a regular Health and Wellness Expo and the resulting network, we hope to create a life-changing movement that has a positive ripple-effect throughout our communities.  I would also love to connect Limpopo with the diverse range of offerings that the rest of the country has to offer.  There are many dreams for this event in the pipeline so watch this space! 

Mina’s Farm Venue.  8 June 2024: 8 am - 5 pm. 8am: Farm run / walk    

From 9am: Exhibiting vendors, food stalls, talks, demos & wellness sessions.  

Tickets available on Quicket: Adults - R80, Kids 4+ years - R30, Kids under 3 - free

Connect with Beth on or 064 517 5531 and get all the updates on facebook or instagram @  limpopo_health_wellness

Who will be at the Limpopo Health & Wellness Expo on 8 June 2024?


Who: Louise from Holistic Health and Wellness 

What: A combination of Yoga Asana with TRE and a quiet meditation to finish off. 

When: 10.30 - 11.15 (45 minutes) R100pp

Where:  Noka Spa (limited places available, bring your yoga mat)

‘Transform your mind, body and soul with Louise. At Holistic Health and Wellness, we approach yoga and TRE as a tool for self-discovery, personal growth and healing.’

Passionate about enhancing others' fitness, health and well-being through Yoga and TRE, Louise has been a certified TRE provider since 2019 and a qualified Yoga teacher since 2023.  Contact: 061 531 7737 |


Who: Lwandile from Lwandile Wellness Hub joined by Kirsty from True North Wellness

What: Join Lwandile for a morning of awakening, tuning into the wisdom of nature. Under the pine trees next to the river, surrender to the beautiful exchange of breath in nature, expanding the mind and body connection.

When:  9am and 2pm (1 hour) R100pp

Where:  Noka Spa (limited places available, bring your yoga mat)

‘Yin & Breathwork is the most amazing way to deep dive into connection with your essence. Breathwork releases tension, reduces stress and improves overall wellbeing while Yin is slow-moving yoga with long holds and juicy stretches intended to increase joint mobility and hydrate fascial webs. Restore, relax, connect & re-energise.’

Lwandile is a Transformation Life Coach, Employee Wellness Consultant, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Advanced Breathwork practitioner. She offers a space to connect the mind and body with the gift of presence.  Contact: 071 763 5489 |


Who: Chris from Mountain Mutt Running Club 

What: An adventurous 5km farm run & talk on how outdoor activities can rejuvenate your body, clear your mind & nourish your soul.

When:  8am (1 hour)  included in ticket price / Ananda yoga

Where: Zwakala Brewery, ending at the river near Noka Spa.

For Chris ‘running transcends mere fitness, it's a pathway to joyful living and a source of inspiration for others’. 

The Mountain Mutt Running Club encourages others to adopt a healthy lifestyle through trail running. Since he first started running with his partner Katie and their loyal furry companion, Finn, Chris has conquered the Ultra-Trail Drakensberg, Magoebas Ultra and the Kruger to Canyon challenge.  


Who: Lynnette from Ananda Wellness 

What:  A beginners Vinyasa Yoga class

When:  9am (1 hour)  included in ticket price / Trail run

Where:  Zwakala Campsite @ the river (limited places available)

‘This is your chance to fully connect with your body and is open to anyone and everyone. No experience is required other than the curiosity to smile, move and nourish yourself.’

Lynnette Gouws from Ananda Wellness invites you to share her passion for Yoga and Wellness to re-ignite your bliss that resides within! ‘Discover the transformative power of yoga in the heart of Magoebaskloof. Your journey to divine joy awaits, transforming body, mind and spirit.’  Contact: 083 399 6696 |

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