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Updated: Feb 17, 2023

‘My Love for Adventure Tourism started in 2009 when I was introduced to this industry through my studies and it was love at first sight,’ says Adventure Guide and Operations Manager, Lekau Phoshoko. ‘I started working for Magoebaskloof Adventures as a casual guide and I loved every moment of it because I’ve always enjoyed interacting with people from across the world and leaving a positive impact on their lives by helping them to overcome their fears.’

At Magoebaskloof Adventures, Lekau was given an opportunity to grow his skills further, becoming one of the best Adventure Guides in the industry and was soon selected by LEDET to become a provincial Tourism Practitioner because of his leadership and communication skills. But he had fallen in love with Magoebaskloof who’s vistas leave you awestruck and so he came back to become a full-time guide and, ultimately, to oversee all operations at Magoebaskloof Adventures.


Lekau believes in the notion that ‘Health is Wealth’ because he has seen the dangers of what an inactive lifestyle can do. He says that hiking is an affordable activity for the whole family which gets you mentally and physically fit while soaking up sunshine - a great source of Vitamin D. In Magoebaskloof, the views are always breathtaking and encourage you to move away from the fluorescent screens and into the outdoors… a place which offers peace and quiet, an escape from the frantic pace of your daily life.

Lekau spends most of his time-off hiking around the Magoebaskloof area with friends or clients because it offers some of the best trails, an active way to explore this beautiful place and develops a culture of appreciating our natural environment. Lekau has done a lot of trails around the area but one that stands out for him is the crossover from the Greater Wolkberg Wilderness area through Thabina Nature Reserve to Lekgalameetse Nature Reserve. This 4-day, 3-night camping adventure takes you on a diverse 68 km route to the source of the Letaba and Mohlapetswe rivers high in the mountains. These two amazingly beautiful rivers create deep rock pools below waterfalls providing ample opportunity to take amazing pictures and swim in crystal-clear waters.

The route is very challenging and requires a high level of fitness due to the undulating landscape and steep climbs but the reward is to experience the sheer majesty of Serala Peak, Cleopatra Falls and the Devil's Knuckles. If you are a fan of birdlife, you may spot specials like the Knysna Lourie or Black Eagles while some of theFauna and Flora include proteas, forest ferns, stumvrug and the Cussonia Spicata known as the Cabbage Tree.

Lekau enthuses that hiking is easily accessible to all, from young to old as long as you are able to walk. In his spare time, he loves to take anyone from beginners to experienced hikers to explore the beautiful area of Magoebaskloof on day outings or multi-day, overnight hikes.

You can contact Lekau Phoshoko on 083 612 9267 to find out more.

Lekau Phoshoko is a 31-year-old Adventure Tourism Practitioner qualified in river courses, overnight hiking, adventure-related activities (Team Building) and is a Wilderness / Trauma First Responder. With over eight years of experience in the tourism industry, he is working full time, studying his Honours in Tourism Management with UNISA while also empowering young people through Community Developments Projects.

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