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When winter’s icy fingers have a tight grip on plans to get away, and even if the misty mountains of Magoebaskloof live up to their name, book into a log cabin overlooking a tranquil lake, where clouds dance across the calm surface of the water… where the wind runs its fingers through the trees and the booming calls of Samango monkeys serenade the sky. Snuggle up next to a roaring fire and allow yourself to be mesmerised by the view constantly changed by the swirling clouds.

It’s all about tuning in... to the movement of Samango monkeys in the treetops, the way the morning light brings a joyful song of celebration from a hundred birds, how the light creeps gently through the indigenous forest and the mist swirls across the lake and tumbles down the waterfall. It is about having the time to make memories... conversations and celebrations... candlelit evenings and long days to relax and recharge.

Stanford Lake Lodge has a long history. The owner, Gavin’s grandfather, Harley Daly Maurice Stanford was a tax collector in the area around Haenertsburg from 1911 to 1924. A passionate fisherman, he built the lake at the bottom of his property which was, sadly, the site of his untimely death at the age of 77 when his boat capsized and he drowned.

Gavin moved back to Stanford farm after 25 years of corporate life in the city and learned how to build log cabins to tap in on the tourism market. Gavin says, “The farm can offer quite a unique opportunity for guests. The big thing is nature at its best… we have fishing, mountain biking, birding, kayaking and swimming in the lake or taking a walk along Ebenezer Dam. It’s a great escape for people living in the cities to come and enjoy the nature that we’ve got on our farm.”

Stanford Lake Lodge offers four unique and upmarket Cabins on the lakeside and three budget, semi-detached Cottages surrounded by beautiful gardens further up the hillside. If this winter retreat from the world sounds like heaven for your soul, come and find your freedom at Stanford Lake Lodge. Connect with Gavin at: or visit their website:

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