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Otterholt Farm, about 1 km down the Cheerio road, showcases the essential character of ‘The Mountain’ - a pristine environment comprising richly diverse afro-montane grassland and patches of indigenous forest, and the very special people who look after it. We often talk about the importance of preserving the natural world for our children, and that is exactly what Julie and Mark McMahon worked many years to achieve. The result is that their son and daughter, Toban and Tamla are now continuing this passionate stewardship. They've created a leisurely, 3.5 km trail which meanders through grassland and shady forest patches. At the Nook, one stumbles across a little hobbit hut perched next to a pond which would have enchanted Monet.

At a brisk pace, the trail could be completed in half an hour, perfect for a family with young kids, while the serenity and beauty invite a slower, contemplative stroll away from the crowds for those of us more world-weary. Markers are clearly visible and the route is circular, leading back to the parking clearing but guided walks led by Toban McMahon are also available on request. Toban's knowledge of any and all things crawling or scuttling, soaring or fluttering, rampant or rooted is unparalleled on ‘The Mountain’.

The Otterholt Meander is a 3km trail located on Otterholt Farm (Cheerio road), just off the R71. Whether you choose to explore the trail with Toban's expert guidance or venture out on your own, book for the Otterholt Meander Trail on 079 195 9368 /

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