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  • Lisa Martus


When the rain clouds roll in and the heavens open up...when the air fills with the smell of soaked earth I take a breath and rejoice...for I am the soil...I am the smallest mushroom pushing up for air, reaching through the thick bed of mushy leaves towards the light, I am the tallest tree with my roots grown deep...I am the perennial streams gushing once again after months of parched anticipation. I am the forest, and every living creature that calls my lush canopy home...I am an ancient spirit, a collection of memories. I have been around since the beginning of time....I am Modjadji, the rain queen, chief Makgoba and the woodcutters of old...I am Magoebaskloof...I am Limpopo!

There is such poetry in the landscapes of Limpopo but our disconnection with nature’s spaces has left many of us disorientated as we continue to set ourselves apart from the elements which feed our soul. In the intimate moments when we tune in to the abundant beauty of nature, a deep connection arises and blossoms into an enduring and nourishing relationship, shaping our potential and collective responsibility as humans to be true custodians of our planet.

Come and explore the heart space of Magoebaskloof…discover her secrets on foot or by car. Come closer and fall in love. Join the tribe of wanderers who call Magoebaskloof their eco-destination of choice. Breathe the clean forest air… soak up the views….make friends with the mountain-folk and savour the organic, orgasmic flavours of this soulful space. You won’t be the same person when you leave.

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