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  • Elmarie Whelan


Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Autumn. The air is crisp and peaceful, but the sun rays warm up your skin. Golden trees stand out against blue skies - the fallen leaves show their most beautiful brown, orange and yellow colours. It is warm. Inviting.

Autumn months are generally considered the safer weather season to have a wedding celebration here on The Mountain. The chance of rain upon rainy days is remote, and the cooler weather provides enough of an excuse to have enchanting bonfires and crackling fireplaces. Days grow shorter, making night-time celebrations longer. Red wine and boozy hot drinks flow, and the local harvest produce makes for tasty menus. You can also experiment more with autumn colours, bringing in pops of bolder colours like deep plum, emerald green, purples, rich blues, mustard yellows and warm oranges. Be sure to bring in warm textures, and some golden touches for some glam. It is exciting to try something more unexpected and exciting but, if you are a neutral-lover like me, champagne and cream shades remain autumn wedding favourite.

The many beautiful, unique Wedding venues and accommodation in Magoebaskloof are perfectly kitted-out to make autumn celebrations cosy and enjoyable. When booking a venue, be sure to look for details like fireplaces, availability of local, farm-fresh produce and scenic views. Autumn hues make for beautiful backdrops, resulting in memorable photo-opportunities wherever you look. Warm and moody…..playful even.

Autumn brings some of the loveliest garden blooms - garden roses, anemones, dahlias, zinnias and sunflowers as options to bring into your bouquet. You can also weave in some branches and dry foliage. At Mina’s Farm Venue, you can book their Wildflower Package, where seasonal wildflowers are picked from the farm and surrounds. This is a delightful and sustainable choice, bringing the natural beauty from outside onto your tables, with each wedding getting its own unique floral look. Simple white taper candles in bronze candlesticks will instantly give your wedding decor a sophisticated feel – be sure to bring in lots of candles and fairy lights for warm and romantic vibes.

Autumn and Winter are two seasons where brides can wear elegant long-sleeve bridal dresses and closed toe-shoes (no cold feet here), and play around with chic capes and boleros. For the girls, don't be afraid to combine bridesmaids dresses in different fabrics and silhouettes to create a mix-and-match bridal party. The guys will look especially handsome with ties, pocket squares and suits in deep green, burgundy or dark navy – even velvet styles.

At the end of the day, no matter the season – remember that your wedding day is a celebration of love, friends and family. Be sure to make those you love feel part of it -get them involved and bring them closer. Of course, the cooler Autumn months will bring them even closer!

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