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  • Lisa Martus


Even if you just saw the mountains of Magoebaskloof as a bit of a blur as you wound your way along Route 71 to the Kruger National Park, you will have been mesmerised by the beauty of the surroundings. It’s okay, we won’t take it personally, but be sure to stay over next time - there’s accommodation for every pocket and activities galore. You can hang off mountains or zipline through them… you might want to forage for mushrooms or see things from a different angle on horseback, get a delicious spa treatment or do some retail therapy. There’s something for everyone!

In the meantime, you probably stopped in at a restaurant or deli in Haenertsburg, or perhaps you zipped in to the Magoebaskloof Farmstall in one of the zigs or zags of the Magoebaskloof Pass. This is not just a convenient pitstop - the Magoebaskloof Farmstall is one of a kind. Yes, it’s about their delicious coffee but they also care about where the take-aways end up - that’s why their cups and lids can be recycled or composted. Owners Harry and Angie prioritise the conservation of our planet, supporting the Cape Parrot project, selling local products and produce, as well as choosing for vegetarian and vegan menu options. There’s always a buzz at the Farmstall with locals from the surrounding community stopping in for a chat and a treat under the trees. Get a taste for the area at Magoebaskloof Farmstall. 083 353 4478 / 072 274 5520

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